How To Boost Your Productivity To Get Thing Done At A Shorter Time?

Did you ever woke up one day, and suddenly thought to yourself, “Hmmm, What have I been doing yesterday, the day before and last week?” Then you realized that you have done nothing that really aligns to your goals and you wonder why. You feel overwhelmed with problems in your mind thus you are not able to focus on doing anything.

You wasted another day of getting productive results because you feel down, pressurized and unworthy of yourself. And this feeling goes on the following day, and then the following day. Soon it becomes a downwards cycle and you are not sure what is exactly your life purpose anymore. 

How Can You Boost Productivity To Get Thing Done At a Shorter Time?

Lack Of Time

In these modern days we are constantly living in a reality of having multiple To-Do-List but yet unaware that those tasks are not helping to achieve your goals in life. At some point of time, you will start to feel overwhelmed with all the To-Do-List until you decided to give up doing anything because there were so many things to do and you don’t know how to start.

But If you can understand how time is going to work for you, then you can become productivity to get things done at a shorter time and consistently hitting your important milestone in life.

The 4 Areas of Dimensions

When you are constantly spending time doing unnecessary things every day, you cannot move on to the next level. The reason is that you are focusing on the wrong area of dimension.

There are the 4 areas of dimensions of where we spent our time on.

  1. The Not Urgent and Not Important things, We call this zone the Time Waster.
  2. The Urgent But Not Important things, The Disruption.
  3. The Urgent and Important things, Firefighting.
  4. The Not urgent But Important – The area which we need to focus on which is The Ultimate Zone of Fulfilment.

Spend a minute and Think for a moment now, which zone were you spending your time on most of the time the last week?  If you can realign your time based on the 4 areas of dimension, you will be able to change the pathway to a fulfilling life.

Discover Your Why

Finding your WHY is the key to having a fulfilling life. When you know your why, you will find your how.

Find a quiet and less crowded place, close and begins to think about what exactly is your OUTCOME that you want to achieve in life. WHY is it that you wanted to achieve it. What would that give you in return? The moments you can truly discover your Outcome and the Life Purpose that gets you pumped up, you will be able to craft out a Massive Action Plans.

Having a Life purpose provides you the fuel to push beyond your limits, You will find the resources needed to achieve your outcome with the massive action plans you create and persist on until you reach the peak of the mountain.

Self Awareness

To understands the zone of dimension, you need to increase your self-awareness of your own inner clock.

You see, everyone including Mark Zuckerberg only has 24 hours a day. So how we spend this 24 hours solely depends on how we actually plan and utilize it.

What are the things you are doing that wastes your time, who are the people who do not provide you any values but keeps interrupting your time and how you plan and prioritize your time to do the most important things first?

When you start becoming aware of where you should focus on right now, it will make you become better at time management while achieving your outcome. The Top 1% of successful People mostly spent 40 -70% of their time in the zone of fulfillment.

If you want to boost your productivity to get things done at a shorter time then you need to take these necessary actions below.

  • Increase self Awareness and write down all the things you did during the past 2 weeks.  Write down all those tasks which don’t fit in fulfilling your outcome. think of those tasks that give you a sense of fulfillment and help you in reaching closer to your goals.
  • Eliminate those time-wasting tasks such as regularly checking of emails, social media, TV drama, long gaming time,  gossiping other people which does not contribute to your outcome.
  • Leveraging on resources by engaging Virtual Assistant, using automated Apps, using air dryer, engaging helpers for household cleaning and buying groceries, paying bills using online payment instead of queuing onsite to get things done faster and easier.
  • Proactively Planning ahead by tackling the problems that are not urgent but important first rather than reactively waiting for things to happen. You can reduce a lot of urgent and important stuff if you become more proactive in planning and doing the important things first so that there will be lesser reactive problems. Keeping yourself healthy daily keeps you out of unnecessary health issues and medical bills.

The Results

The results you get for being in the zone of fulfillment gives you;

  • More time for your family and friends.
  • More driven and focus when you are able to fulfill your goals.
  • Spending lesser time and achieving greater results.
  • Becoming the Master of Productivity & Time Management.

Man’s Most Powerful Secret Weapon

To have better productivity in life so that you can do more, you need to know your Why. What differentiates between a human and animals is that human being tends to think, making decisions and actions. A Choice is man’s most powerful secret weapon you can use to be successful in whatever you do.

Use it well and you be able to unleash your fullest potential.


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“Where Awareness goes, Focus strengthens and Productivity Increases. “

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