The Greatest Secret Of A Millionaire Mind

“Don’t Believe a word I say”

If you have read T Harv Eker books before, you would have heard this phrase “Don’t Believe a word I say”over and over again. What was he trying to bring across to his audiences?

This Golden Phrase is to make people better self-aware of what they see and hear while pursuing the wisdom and knowledge they seek for.

Why is it that 99% of people were unable to get their first million they desire for while the minority of the 1%  achieve their first million within a short period of time? Most would say that because they were lucky because their parents are rich and they supported them financially, they have the money to pay for the right education and mentor, they have more time than us and they are at the right place at the right moment.

All of this is the outer-world which impact the success and failure of oneself. Think again, deeper.

If it is not your outer-world, then it’s your inner world which is hindering your progress.  

Your Outer world is merely a reflection of your own inner world. 

The Top 1%

The top 1% consistently persist on and took action to focus on the importance things first. They were then able to get all the luck, all the financial help, searching for the right education and right mentor, finding ways to outsource the unimportance work to others, to have more time so that they can be at the right place at the right moment to achieve their million dollar success.

So what is the problem here? The REAL problem is YOU. You are the only reason why you are not able to get the things you wants. The common beliefs of people is that they believed they are their MIND.


Most people made a common mistake of telling themselves “I already knew what you are talking about” whenever people starts sharing their journey and experiences. They are not willing to open out their mind in hearing what others has to say. In the end, they STOPPED learning because their mind tells them that they already knew everything. Before starting to evaluate other people success, maybe its a good time to ask this question to yourself;

“Are you wealthy, happy with your current lifestyle and having a sense of fulfilment you wanted right now?”

Adapt a habit to open up your mind, and you will see things in a whole new perspectives and gain from it. There are always rooms to improve yourself by learning from other people experiences.

“What you see and the meaning you give it is what you shall receive.”   

Change your Mindset

There are 3 main important elements you can apply to change your mindset.

Develop Awareness – Develop the awareness and consistantly remind yourself that you ARE NOT your mind.

The truth is;

  1. You are NOT your mind!
  2. Your mind is only a PART of you
  3. You are THE ONE who HEARS and CONTROL your thoughts, your thinking, not your mind.


Understand Your Mind –  That your mind is a database which stores all the information you read, hear and see.

Your mind is just like a hard-disk. It is being used to store all the information and database of knowledge. The action and inaction of oneself is determined by the quality of the stored information in each individual hard-disk. The drives to push people into taking specific action to complete a particular task is determine by the meaning we give to it. The meaning is what determines the outcome of individual lives. The world and everything else is basically the same but the meaning each of us gives can be radically different.

In short, your thoughts plus the meaning you give to it will determines the outcome.

Change Your Thoughts  – The information and the knowledge in our minds changes the meanings we gives ourself.

The mind in default works like a safety mechanism. It seeks to look out for danger. It will always detect and alert us on the problem (Fear, Anxiety, worries, stress) in order to protect us. Whenever we started to do something different, our minds will activate its safety mechanism system and tell us to go back to our comfort zone, because CHANGE is dangerous. This creates confusion, and confusion is a form of FEAR.

You have a choice to choose your thoughts. Become the captain of your mind and allows the mind to reports to you. Then train your mind to work with you.

Conquer ThySelf

Control your thoughts and you can control the universe.

Once you are able to understand the laws of thoughts you will be able to overcome any challenges and problem awaiting you.

Law of thoughts

  1. You have the ability to control your thoughts.
  2. You have the ability to eliminate negative unwanted thoughts in your mind
  3. You have the ability to install positive mental thoughts in your mind

A man’s greatest power is the ability to control and choose their own thoughts which directs them to their definiteness of purpose.

Conquering oneself is greater than conquering others. To conquer oneself, one has to remove their fear of failure, self-doubts, worries, old habits and install with courage, positive mental attitude, self-discipline and persistence and become a person with character.

Become the captain, the compass of your ship and guide your mind, your crew in discovering the paradise and treasure.

What are the challenges you face while you are pursuring your goal, your dreams? I would loves to hear from you your life journey as well!

Sharing is recieving. 🙂 

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