The One method in preparing yourself to be READY

Hey guy, Kai here and I want to let you know know that I have just started my own vlog on YouTube.

Actually, I would never have guessed myself to be able to start my own vlog. I know my video is not perfect. I paused a lot, I lack the energy when I speak, my eyes look sleepy, I was struggling to find my voice. Yet I know for sure that as long I continue to put in effort into it, I will be able to create an unbelievable impact on my personal development as well as others by sharing valuable contents.

My take is this. If someone like me, one who used to be an introvert, having a naturally shy personality and consistently failed in English be able to peel off my face to start creating my own contents online, then anyone could do it!

Life is short and it is a journey for us to fulfill our dreams. Time will keep moving ahead and it will never stop for anyone. You can’t go back to time and You can’t buy back time.

So If not now, then when?

And today, I wanted to share with you a daily routine which I had been doing regularly to prepare myself for the day.

I have been using The One method in preparing myself to be READY for the day to change my state of mind and develop a positive mental attitude.

A Daily Routine

It is a method I learned during the live seminar conducted by Tony Robbins when he was in Singapore. This method of preparation is known as Priming Exercise.

Now, I want you to imagine this: Ah, its morning again and you have absolutely no mood to get up for work. You feel tired, stress up and frustrated that why are there so many things to do! You tried to stay focused and be positive, but the thing is no matter how many coffees you take, it is never enough. You only managed to complete a couple of things before you quit, and resulting in more backlog to finish it the next day. Does this Sound familiar to you?

When we feel with negative energy, it’s hard to get the hang of how achievement and success feel like. Priming exercise is an easy way to change your physical state and state of mind.

How priming help to change your state

So, how does priming helps? You would probably have the same kind of experience before. Think of an incident when you were feeling sad or angry – did you overreact to any tiny mini problem and create a big fuss? When you were immersed in love, did you felt that nothing could have ever stopped you from doing anything you want? – the reason behind this was that you were primed by the love.

Our mind, emotion and the inner world can be primed by factors which we were not even aware of, this greatly affects our performance in every aspect of our lives.


So, instead of leaving to fate to decide your state, now you can make use of Tony Robbin’s priming exercise and start taking control of your state.

Priming exercise only takes 10 mins a day to allow yourself to start having a more positive, productive and fulfilling life.

I know a lot of people will start to say, oh I am too busy and I don’t have time to do it or I have better things to do. Then I will tell you this;

If You Don’t Have 10 Mins, Then You Don’t Have a Life.

It’s that simple. Right?

It is up to you to decide whether you want to take control of your life or let fate decides for you


  1. Sit: Find a quiet place and sit down. Make sure you are comfortable. Place both feet on the floor and ensure that your spine is straight. Now close your eyes.
  2. Breath: Practicing on how to Change your breath, and you can change your state. Start with a breathing exercise having three sets of 30 breaths each with a pause in between each set.
  3. Begin heart breathing: Put both your hands on your heart. As you breathe, feel its power, its strength.
  4. Practice gratitude: Think of three things that you’re really grateful for right now. They can be from your past, your present or your future. What is a coincident where you are grateful for that happens and you are grateful for which changes you for the better? In your thoughts, visualize an image of that moment. After a minute, think of the second thing. Then think of the last thing. *Pro tip: Make things simple, for example, a child’s smiling or a stranger saying “thank you” and meant it right from their heart. – 3 MIN
  5. Visualize: Imagine the Gold, White, Blue lights shining down to your body, and the lights that shine on you heal anything – your body, thoughts, feelings – all that needs to be healed. Any problem in your life now is being solved. And Ask to be strengthened.
  6. Share: Now spread the energy you have through your healing and strengthening out to the people you love. Feel the energy flowing within you, and flowing out to your family, friends, colleagues, spouse, or even strangers you’ve only met once.
  7. Focus and celebrate: Now think of three outcomes or goals that will excite you once they’re completed. Feel it like they’re being done. Celebrate that feeling of achievement and fulfillment, imagine how it will impact those around you. Go through each of the outcomes one by one, and fully experiencing the feeling of success.
  8. Get ready to rock: Open your eyes and you are ready to tackle the world.

The Mindset Shift

Practice priming daily will give you a paradigm shift in the quality of your thoughts and emotions.

But don’t take my word for it – Try to do it for 30 days. You will experience the mindset shift within you if you actually do it.

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“Life is like running a marathon, you need consistent flows of energy within you and the endurance to keep up with it”

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